Dial a Dog Wash York & Hull's tips 
for a clean and healthy coat in between grooming visits

Dial a Dog Wash York and Hull appreciates that many dog owners wish to bath and groom their pets in between our visits to keep them in tip top condition. Here are some helpful tips to make dog grooming an enjoyable experience for you and your dog.

  • Be sure to brush out the coat first. If the coat is in good condition, use a slicker brush. Be careful never to brush too hard as this can cause ‘brush burn'.
  • Never try to de-matt or cut out knots yourself using scissors – it is easy to cut too close and pierce the skin.
  • Please seek advice from Dial a Dog Wash York and Hull if you are going to shampoo your dog – never use human or baby shampoo. We always recommend you use a pet formulated shampoo that will enhance the moisture and health of the coat. We only use chemical free, natural products.
  • Never bath a dog with matted hair as this only tightens matts and makes them harder to remove for our groomers. Skin may also become irritated by residual damp and shampoo n the matts.
  • Regular visits from Dial a Dog Wash York and Hull are the best way to maintain your dog's coat.
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